RPCM 16A Smart PDU - Resilient Power Control Module with ATS 16Amps - Smartest PDU on the Planet

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RPCM Smart PDU - Smartest PDU on the Planet

RPCM combines remote power management, automatic transfer switch (ATS), short circuit protection, electric power meter on each outlet and availability/consumption based restart automation. Featuring Web-interface, command-line mode, iOS application.

  • Automatic Transfer Switch;
  • Remote power management of Individual Outlets;
  • Outlet Level Short Circuit Protection;
  • Power Meters on Each Individual Outlet;
  • ICMP PING/TCP PORT/Power Consumption based Watchdogs with automatic restarting of Outlets;
  • Configurable Electrical Current Consumption Limits for Each Outlet;
  • Smart Start! - Customizable Activation Sequence and Delay of Outlets to Initiate Service Correctly and Eliminate Inrush Currents;
  • Power Budget Control - will not allow your inlet fuse blow!
  • Proper Grounding Diagnostics;
  • Highest Density of Controllable Power Supply Outlets with Power Meters per 1U in the Industry for Systems with ATS;
  • Easy integration with external monitoring systems (SNMP versions 1/2c/3 supported)
  • Alarms and notifications by e-mail
  • Simple integration with customer applications via REST API
  • Precise time synchronization with external reference time sources for correct time based correlation of journaled events
  • Handy network tools
  • Easy software upgrades without turning off consumers

RPCM Smart PDU - your swiss army knife in the world of power control!


Power 3840 VA
Inlet connector type 2 x IEC-320-C20 connectors (16 A)
Inlet Voltage and Current rating 100-240 V (single phase, 3 wires: phase, neutral, ground), 16 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Automatic Transfer Switch transfer time between inlets 3.5 - 14 ms
Grounding control Automatic verification of correct ground connection
Outlet connector type 10 x IEC-320-C13 connectors (10 A)
Outlet Voltage and Current rating 100-240 V (single phase, 3 wires: phase, neutral, ground), 10 A
Automatic circuit breaking type Overload protection:
configurable 0,1 A to 10 A (default setting: 10 A)
Short circuit protection: 17 x rated current (17 iNom or 170 A)
Power consumption metering Separate power consumption metering on each of 10 outlets
Timing of powering on consumers devices Programmable (default delay 1 second)
Cords fixation Power cables fixation kit (option)
Inlet indicator lights

- On/Off/Incorrect Inlet voltage

- Current/Voltage

- Indication of correct ground connection

Outlet indicator lights On/Off/Short Circuit/Overload/Inlet Overload
Remote Control and Monitoring
Inlet state

- On/Off/Incorrect Inlet Voltage

- Frequency/Voltage/Current/Power load

- Indication of correct grounding connection

Outlet state

- On/Off/Short Circuit/Overload

- Managing current cutoff thresholds and power-on delays

Power consumption metering Separate power consumption metering on each of 10 outlets
Supported protocols

- WEB Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)



- SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3

Standards compliance Electromagnetic compatibility EN55022
Safety CE, EAC
Communications interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
Accessories included Rack mounting brackets, screws, ethernet cable, 2 x inlet cables (C20 to Euro/Schuko) 2.0 m
Available options Extended fixtures for installation in a 19 inch rack, power cable organizer
Size (width x depth x height) 440 x 365 x 44 mm, fits into standard 1U slot in a 19 inch rack
Module weight/included accessories/total weight with packaging (kg) 5.2/0.85/7.77
Operating temperature 0~40 °С
Storage temperature -20~60 °С
Operating humidity 45~85 % (no condensation allowed)
Cooling Passive
Noise level Under 30 dBA (powering on/off outlets, switching inlets)
Default Warranty 1 year